Restauranta La Vitrola in Cartagena, Columbia

Restauranta La Vitrola in Cartagena, Columbia


  • Guard outside the door (checking names from reservation list)
  • Cute place that feels authentic
  • Serves Peroni which seems rare in Cartagena
  • Reasonable size wine menu
  • Nice bread basket
  • Feels like a mamma and papa shop
  • Live band (old and cute musicians)


  • Not attentive service
  • Heavy A/C felt like we were in a cold downwind on Mount Everest
  • Sitting I said downwind with smell from petroleum lights on tables
  • Can’t make a Margarita (way to sweet)
  • No plates for bread (a mess)
  • Live band – musicians came around to sell their CDs at the tables
  • Only house wine (“red or white?”) by the glass
  • Water served in half liter plastic bottles, felt cheap.

Other observations and comment:

  • It was difficult getting reservation. Had to book 3 days in advance. Think you need a reservation.

We had:

  • Jerk chicken: Nice. Well spiced to the mild side. Small portion though. 7/10
  • Grouper steak with coconut rice: Meh. Good rice though. Big portion. 5/10
  • No starters or dessert

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