Carmen in Medellin, Columbia

Carmen in Medellin, Columbia

We had:

  • Had a 7 course chefs tasting menu with wine pairing. Didn’t do a review of every single thing but in general they had a high level of creativity and quality. A few glitches but otherwise very good. 8/10
  • Cocktails to begin with. 9/10


  • Very stylish, oozes high class venue
  • Shout out to our waiter Hector for great service. The whole staff speak fairly good English
  • Very good cocktails, well crafted and generous in size
  • Nice ambient lounge vibe. Managed to keep the type of music and volume level in the sweet-spot so you could have engaging conversations with your table buddy
  • They have valet service, unsure if they have Safedriver’s
  • In general, food was very flavorful and unique.
  • Would recommend this place to others visiting Medellin!
  • Bonus: The cocktails we ordered came in mini shakers you could pour on your served cocktail. Each cocktail is actually 2-2,5 or so.
  • It’s the nicest place we’ve been in Columbia on our trip


  • Had to make reservation, but when we arrived at 7pm (only available time with 1 table left) we were the only one. Restaurant was pretty empty for the next hour but then filled up 80%. Made it sound on the phone as we were lucky to get a table.
  • Do you really need to have a sign on your door, to your restaurant, that says “say no to sex tourism” – it’s an admirable statement but make you think, is it a problem at this establishment? Makes you wonder about the clientele.
  • Regretting we didn’t go the their sister restaurant in Cartagena, Columbia

Other comments:

  • Armed guard with shotgun qoutside of the restaurant kind of does something to the mood. Albeit, nice to be safe I guess…
  • Hostess runs around with headsets… did seem like more of a gadget than necessary, but might have served a purpose. What do I know.
  • Waiter: “There was a secret ingredient in this dish, can you guess?” — Ants. It was ants. It was nice though. More places should surprise their guests.
  • Spent 4 hours there – had a great time!

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